Photo by Soraya Irving on Unsplash by Paras Jain is an invaluable tool to create paths for CustomPainter and ClipPath.

I want to show you what I was able to create in an hour as a complete beginner to custom paint and paths.

This is what we want to create

A custom shaped widget which has an image with a gradient border around it.

Title: My Flutter development setup

I want to tell you how I set up my computer to work on flutter apps.

I do this with a freshly installed Windows 10. However, the steps would be similar for any OS you choose.


  1. Download everything
  2. Place it somewhere
  3. Install Android Studio
  4. Install Android Studio and VS Code
  5. Set Environment variables
  6. Install flutter plugins in IDEs

Download everything

Place it somewhere

  • Unzip and place flutter SDK in c:/SDK
  • Unzip scrcpy and place it in c:/TOOLS

Photo by bantersnaps on Unsplash

We have been organising Flutter meetups with Flutter Ahmedabad for one year now. Everything was going good until coronavirus started to spread like Wildfire. Governments advised citizens against gathering in theatres, offices, schools naturally meetup. All the big meetup groups in nearby cities were cancelling events. Long before all this, we had scheduled a physical meet up on March 15th 2020. Speakers for this event notified and topics were selected. RSVPs for this meet were opened up and then we were facing the cancellation of this meetup.

Influenced by HumpDayQnA we decided to go for a video conference based meetup…

Sanni Prasad

Yet another flutter developer

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