Title: My Flutter development setup

My flutter development setup

I want to tell you how I set up my computer to work on flutter apps.

I do this with a freshly installed Windows 10. However, the steps would be similar for any OS you choose.


  1. Download everything
  2. Place it somewhere
  3. Install Android Studio
  4. Install Android Studio and VS Code
  5. Set Environment variables
  6. Install flutter plugins in IDEs

Download everything

Place it somewhere

  • Unzip and place flutter SDK in c:/SDK
  • Unzip scrcpy and place it in c:/TOOLS
My folder structure

Install Android Studio and VS Code

Choose the SDK path as c:/SDK/android-sdk
Let the installation complete.

Install VS code normally, the way you would any software.

Set Environment variables

Add paths to the `Path` variable. For me, these are the paths I have added.

  • C:\SDKS\flutter\bin
  • C:\SDKS\android\platform-tools
  • C:\TOOLS\scrcpy
  • C:\Program Files\Android\Android Studio\jre\bin

Note: your paths may differ from this. Act accordingly

Find “Environment variables” from start menu
Click on “Environment Variables”
Select Path and click edit
Add appropriate paths to here by pressing New

Install flutter plugins

Install flutter plugin in android studio and vs code.

Open Plugins settings in android studio
Install the Flutter plugin. Dart will be automatically installed with it
Install the Flutter plugin in VS Code. Optionally install Awesome Flutter Snippets for super productive development experience

Restart your computer to make sure environment variables are loaded.
That's all.




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